Back At It Again

For all the moments I’ve said, ” Well I would, but….” or, ” I could, if…..”, I’ve conquered that! I’m posting!

I’m tired of holding back all the beautiful creations I’ve made over the years. I can not remain quiet any longer for my desire to share the life-long lessons I have learned from making things with my own two hands. Sadly making things seems like a dying art. Now a days we all click, like, swipe and more but are we adding value to the world?! Are we making things that make a difference?! Are we really connecting with one another?!

For a while there I was revolting against the tidal wave of technological influences in my life. I was rebelling against using the internet or social media to it’s full potential to share my thoughts and creations with the world. I have come for realize I am definitely living in an age that does not exist any more. It is time to adapt. If that means blogging, posting, sharing and selling things via the internet then here it comes!

Friends and family have pushed me (reluctantly as I said) to begin blogging again. Several years ago I started with I was given the opportunity to help a local private quilt shop to beef up their social media accounts. This job lead to much more than social media. Unfortunately this experience was short-lived. Since the closing of the quilt shop I have felt a sadness about how the world was evolving. Where does the maker fit into this technologically driven world? How to we make our handmade footprint count? I watched as hundreds and thousands of other continued to post and tag their creations. I felt overwhelmed by the thought of organizing and sharing my experiences for fear of not being able to keep up. You could often hear me saying, ” I would, but there’s no time for that when you’re making things.” Or, ” I could, if I had a better phone and premium computer.” During that time, I have continued to read, create, and be inspired by my favorite artists, as well as, many new additions.

Lately I have been reading an autobiography that makes me realize that ‘NOW is the time’ ANY TIME. You have to adapt and change with the times or you will be alone in your basement waiting for the comfort and satisfaction of sharing and giving to others. “Where is everyone?”, I would ask myself. They are OUT in the world of the internet. They are finding one another via their phones, tablets, laptops and other various screens.   Makers are never truly glued to the screen. I think we may be bound by are curious and creative souls to use the screen as a window into the eyes of other makers. We have a gift that must be shared with others to see and know things in a new light. But, I have come to realize that this does not mean you must be controlled or trapped by all the screens and gadgets surrounding us.

I am looking forward to creating a new balance in my life that was lacking a technological upgrade. I needed to banish this fear of being sucked into a computer created rat-hole and realize that this is really a door to be opened to meet other artists and makers. To learn new skills, to find new friends, to express a love of quirky, creative and handmade things with ALL OF YOU.

In closing of this first post of my newest blog page I will share my new life motto from a former painter, Joe Cotter, “Here’s to it, and here’s from it, and here’s to it again! If you ever get to it, and don’t do it, You may never get to it to do it again!”, Joe Cotter & friends. This quote can be found on the back of the McMenamins Passport booklet. These are locations filled with art and the warmth of the hands of many passionate ‘makers’. There will be more posts to come of these artists, myself and many more.

Thank you again to all my friends and family for your continual support of my love of all things ‘crafty’. For the hours of listening to my rantings and ravings about color, hue, shapes, ‘old dudes’, the drape of a fabrics, the softness of a skein, the glimmer of a button, a ‘stamptastic’ opportunity,  and more. I thank you for molding me into the woman I have become and the artist I will continue to be.

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